Beautiful Modern Victorian Sofa and Interior Design Inspirations

Alluring Rug Motive on Wooden Floor plus Fresh Plant near Modern Victorian Sofa used Brown Edge Color had High Arm Space plus Tiny End Table Image

Simply tossing a modern Victorian sofa is never enough if you wish to embrace the beautiful modern Victorian interior style in your room. Today, we will share some great tips to help you embracing the modern design style into your old Victorian home. Even though it is not an easy project to do, it doesn’t mean it is impossible to accomplish anyway. Here are the tips to guide you. Check them out!
Always be careful when you mesh two styles together—modern and Victorian. You will never want your project to create a messy mixture, right? Always remember that the design must be well thought out rather than carelessly thrown together. For example, if you cannot afford to find modern Victorian couches you like, you can reupholster the old Victorian sofa with fabric showing more modern pattern, such as chevron. Alternatively, reupholster the modern sofa with Victorian-style fabric such as floral, tapestry, or damask.
Adding craftsman character is always recommended to maintain the classic Victorian style appeal. Even though you can do this without having to cornicing, wainscoting, or crown molding, remember that there is cost for this too. The main idea is to incorporate the ornately carved wood that characterizes the Victorian style. You may toss carved wooden pieces everywhere if possible or spend good money for high-quality wooden furniture with Victorian style appeal.
Last but not least is to play with colors. Victorian homes didn’t hesitate to paint with rich colors, such as red, green, blue, and gold-brown. However, compared to bright modern colors, those in Victorian homes were somewhat dusty. Bolder colors were commonly used to signify a room of high importance like the library or dining room and less bold ones were in rooms such as kitchen. For modern appeal, consider combining bold colors with modern antique couch to create a unique yet attractive look.

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Blue Color for Back Rest Part plus Interesting Accessories on Top Part plus Amusing Carved on Edge for Modern Victorian Sofa in Calm Background Color Image

Calm Wall Paint for Fascinating Living Room with Gorgeous and Modern Victorian Sofa on Wooden Floor plus Pretty Rug Motive near Fresh Plants Decor Image

Casual Glass Tile Window plus Usual Curtain closed Calm Wall Paint for Interesting Living Room with Modern Victorian Sofa plus Soft Cushions different Color Image

Cozy Design and Calm Color Choice plus High Back Rest for Modern Victorian Sofa and Nice Foots Model on White Carpet near Plain Wall Paint Image

Dark Edge Color and White Seat Space plus Amusing Foots Model Modern Victorian Sofa put in Empty Room with Plain Floor Color closed Pastel Wall Paint Image

Eclectic Living Room with Interesting Hanging Lamp above Large Carpet plus Big Window Size facing Modern Victorian Sofa and High Bookshelves near Simple Mirror Image

Fresh Plant Decor on Wooden Floor closed Calm Curtain Color near Interesting Picture on Plain Wall Paint and Pretty Modern Victorian Sofa beside Elegant End Table Image

Gold Edge Color for Modern Victorian Sofa plus White Cushions Color and Amusing Back Rest Model suitable put in Elegant Living Room Decor Image

Peach Wall Paint Choice for Casual Living Room with Impressive Table Lamps Design on Round End Tables plus Simple Floortile and Modern Victorian Sofa Image

Sweet Concept Living Room with Cool Table Lamp Design on Pretty End Tables used Glass Top Part closed Modern Victorian Sofa facing Interesting Table Image

Tiny Foots Size and Gold Edge Color plus Interesting Design Top Part for Modern Victorian Sofa and Amusing Back Rest Model closed Plain Wall Paint Image

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