Interesting Coat Hanging Ideas to Add Fun in Your Home

Amusing Colorful Coat Hanging Ideas Created on Bright White Painted Wall near with Charming Blue Chair and Wooden Staircase Image

There are many coat hanging ideas you can look up to add storage unit in your home in a fun and exciting way. After all, remember that a coat rack is always a highly practical and useful thing to have in your home, more particularly in your entry hallway. A practical coat rack can always greet your guests warmly, allowing them to hang their jacket or coat before entering the living room. And with unique design, the overall impression is doubled.
While it is true that a coat hanging tree is a great storage piece to add in a home, it does not mean the traditional hangers cannot be as interesting as the first one. In fact, with coat hangers, you can easily DIY one for yourself when you have free time, such as in weekend. Try coming up with hangers which hooks can be turned in any way you want, even pushed against the wall when it’s not used.
For something more interesting and fun, what about adding a theme to your coat hanging unit? Animal shaped hooks can make a totally exciting detail, perfect to complement a mudroom cubby your children can use to hang their jackets. Another fun design you can use for the coat storage is a Lego themed coat rack in bright colors to attract their attention easily.
When you decide to DIY your coat rack, remember that going creative is always recommended. Try to make yours by repurposing old and unused materials, such as wooden pallets. You can give the finish look by staining or painting the pallets in colors. Old faucets or door knobs which each piece you don’t even need to match can also make a wonderful design element to complement your DIY coat rack as an alternative to coat hook tree for your entry foyer!

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Bright White Painted Wall Designed in Stripes Style and Completed with Awesome Coat Hanging Ideas Made of Metal and Wood Materials Image

Fabulous Bench with Open Storage Under It Combined with Simple But Elegant of Coat Hanging Ideas Created on Beige Wall between Chic Drapes Image

Mesmerizing L Style of Coat Hanging Ideas Which is Made of Wood Elements Created as Coat Rack or Message Paper on the Wall Image

Modern and Minimalist Style of Coat Hanging Ideas Which is Made of Wood and Metal Elements Completed with Wooden Panel at Upper Part Image

Old Fashioned Wooden Panel Created as Wonderful Coat Hanging Ideas Nuanced in Classic Green Served in Four Rack of Clothes Image

Outstanding Coat Rack Designed in Unique Coat Hanging Ideas Created on Light Grey Painted Wall Enhanced with Charming Ceramic Vase on It Image

Simple and Easy Designed Wooden Panel with Coat Hanging Ideas Placed on White Wall and Provided in Five Options of Hooks in Bedroom Image

Stunning Design of Coat Hanging Ideas Which is Colored in Green and White also Cream Colors Combined with Appealing Wooden Table Image

Surprising Design of Coat Hanging Ideas Which is Shaped in Star and Made of Iron Elements Placed on White Painted Brick Wall Image

Funny Colorful Nuance of Entryway That Completed with Amazing Coat Hanging Ideas Combined with Striped Mat Created on Tiled Flooring Image

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